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ambiguity about mongodump/mongorestore


      Id appreciate a clarification to the following questions for a customer production ticket :


      1.   on the mongodump  documentation says:

      mongodump version 100.3.1 supports the following versions of the MongoDB Server:

      • MongoDB 4.4
      • MongoDB 4.2
      • MongoDB 4.0
      • MongoDB 3.6


      however, on the same page  it says

      "When using mongorestore to load data files created by mongodump, be sure that you are restoring to the same major version of the MongoDB Server that the files were created from. For example, if your dump was created from a MongoDB Server running version 4.4.x, be sure that the MongoDB Server you are restoring to is also running version 4.4.x.

      In addition, ensure that you are using the same version of mongorestore to load the data files as the version of mongodump that you used to create them. For example, if you used mongodump version 100.3.1 to create the dump, use mongorestore version 100.3.1 to restore it."


      does this mean  if a customer needs to export a database from  mongodb 4.4  to import to  mongodb 4.0 -   this will NOT be supported/possible  when using mongodump ?

      is  the export that different from 4.4  to 4.0 ??


      question 2 :

      If we are running mongodump    , and while mongodump  is running -   documents are being updated/inserted/deleted in  the mongodb database -  can we expect all of these concurrent changes be manifested  in the output file created by mongodump  ?






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