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The RHEL82 ARM release does not use the correct architecture

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    • 100.5.3
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      Problem Statement/Rationale

      What is going wrong?

      We didn't release 100.5.0 for RHEL82 ARM Mongo4.4/5.0 Repo. After investigation, there seems a bug in the release script. The scope param is incorrect
      [2021/08/10 19:28:12.303] starting curator for rhel82-arm64-org-4.4
      [2021/08/10 19:28:12.303] [rhel82-arm64-org-4.4] curatorArgs: [--level debug repo submit --service https://barque.corp.mongodb.com --config etc/repo-config.yml --distro rhel82 --arch arm64 --edition org --version 4.4.0 --packages https://mciuploads.s3.amazonaws.com/mongo-tools/task/dist/mongo_tools_rhel82_arm64__100.5.0_21_08_10_19_23_42/all-release-artifacts.tgz --username xgen-bi-connector-user --api_key [REDACTED]], envOverrides: map[NOTARY_KEY_NAME:server-4.4 NOTARY_TOKEN:[REDACTED]]
      arch should not be arm64 but aarch64 instead. 

      We should check if other arm platforms have similar issues as well.  

      We will need to restart the release for those missing platforms after fixing the issue.

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