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Fix integration test failures with server 6.0+

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      These tests are failing because we need the mongo shell available. Previously this was shipped with the server binaries and we would install the shell and server together. But as of 6.0, the server binary distribution no longer includes the shell. We will instead download the relevant shell source and build it ourself.

      The work for this ticket should include restoring the 6.0 and latest tests disabled in TOOLS-3108(https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/TOOLS-3108)

      See https://spruce.mongodb.com/version/mongo_tools_934383a4ab3d68ee9186855d1bd2af260677f15c/tasks?page=0&sorts=STATUS%3AASC%3BBASE_STATUS%3ADESC&statuses=failed,system-failure-umbrella,system-failed,system-timed-out&taskName=integration- and https://spruce.mongodb.com/version/mongo_tools_c38653b7ae50992406258e5a77bf7d12f96764fd/tasks?page=0&sorts=STATUS%3AASC%3BBASE_STATUS%3ADESC%3BNAME%3AASC&statuses=failed,system-failed,started&taskName=integration- for some examples.

      Note that RHEL 6.2 failures are covered separately in [TOOLS-3098](https://jira.mongodb.org/browse/TOOLS-3098).

      Per discussion in Slack, we will download and use a 5.x shell when testing with 6.0+:

      AH: The legacy shell isn’t deprecated, it’s removed from all 6.x releases. While it’s still there for the server team’s own testing, using it in other projects is not really something that’s expected or supported, which includes the fact that the server team can make arbitrary changes to the API between releases now. If you want to use the legacy shell (I know there’s reasons why you want to keep it for now), I’d recommend just downloading the 5.x shell instead of 6.x.

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