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Tools should not be packaged as arm64 on aarch64 platforms

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    • 100.6.1
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      Problem Statement/Rationale

      On platforms that are specifically aarch64 (currently only Amazon2), we are building and publishing an arm64 package. This doesn't work correctly on install (you get an error about a platform mismatch) and package testing doesn't know where the correct package should be because it doesn't match the platform we package the server platform's binaries for. We need to make sure we're specific about which platform we're actually uploading for.

      Note: Debian/Ubuntu lists aarch64 as a supported platform on arm64, but we should be publishing those as arm64-only, since that's how we package the server binaries.

      Steps to Reproduce

      See our package tests in the mongodb-mongo-master-nightly waterfall once SERVER-70121 is merged.

      Expected Results

      We should be packaging for the "best" platform available on a distribution. For Debian/Ubuntu/RHEL, that's currently arm64, and for Amazon2 it's aarch64.

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