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Validation added in 100.7.0 prevents Atlas proxy from running "mongodump"

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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 100.7.1
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    • TAR 2023-05-01

      Problem Statement/Rationale

      What is going wrong? What action would you like the Engineering team to take?

      After upgrading to version 100.7.0, all tenant backups began failing.

      Steps to Reproduce

      How could an engineer replicate the issue you’re reporting?

      [toor@atlas-129dfw-shard-00-00 bin]$ ./mongodump --host atlas-ttek2c-shard-00-02.8bl9s.mmscloudteam.com -u mms-automation -p dDnUbwGTVjljW1s859HclFzF --ssl --oplog --archive
      2023-03-20T16:48:56.495+0000	Failed: bad option: can't dump with oplog option when connecting to a MongoDB Atlas free or shared cluster
      [toor@atlas-129dfw-shard-00-00 bin]$


      Expected Results

      What do you expect to happen?

      The Atlas Proxy should be able to call mongodump with the aforementioned options in order to process a tenant backup.

      Actual Results

      What do you observe is happening?

      All mongodump operations fail for tenant backups in Atlas.

      Additional Notes

      Any additional information that may be useful to include.

      We need to either fix the tool or change the options called without breaking existing functionality. (i.e. if the --oplog option doesn't actually do anything in 100.6.1, then we can remove it). I don't recall the history of why we use that option.

            rohan.sharan@mongodb.com Rohan Sharan
            ralph.capasso@mongodb.com Ralph Capasso
            Jian Guan, Tim Fogarty
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