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mongofiles --help missing the commands section and cmd description

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    • 2.8.0-rc3
    • Affects Version/s: 2.8.0-rc2
    • Component/s: mongofiles
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      2.6 mongofiles --help

      dan:(git)2.6-mongo[v2.6]/$ ./mongofiles --help
      Browse and modify a GridFS filesystem.
      usage: mongofiles [options] command [gridfs filename]
        one of (list|search|put|get)
        list - list all files.  'gridfs filename' is an optional prefix 
               which listed filenames must begin with.
        search - search all files. 'gridfs filename' is a substring 
                 which listed filenames must contain.
        put - add a file with filename 'gridfs filename'
        get - get a file with filename 'gridfs filename'
        delete - delete all files with filename 'gridfs filename'
        --help                                produce help message
        -v [ --verbose ]                      be more verbose (include multiple times
                                              for more verbosity e.g. -vvvvv)
        --quiet                               silence all non error diagnostic 
        --version                             print the program's version and exit
        -h [ --host ] arg                     mongo host to connect to ( <set 
                                              name>/s1,s2 for sets)
        --port arg                            server port. Can also use --host 
        --ipv6                                enable IPv6 support (disabled by 
        -u [ --username ] arg                 username
        -p [ --password ] arg                 password
        --authenticationDatabase arg          user source (defaults to dbname)
        --authenticationMechanism arg (=MONGODB-CR)
                                              authentication mechanism
        --gssapiServiceName arg (=mongodb)    Service name to use when authenticating
                                              using GSSAPI/Kerberos
        --gssapiHostName arg                  Remote host name to use for purpose of 
                                              GSSAPI/Kerberos authentication
        --dbpath arg                          directly access mongod database files 
                                              in the given path, instead of 
                                              connecting to a mongod  server - needs 
                                              to lock the data directory, so cannot 
                                              be used if a mongod is currently 
                                              accessing the same path
        --directoryperdb                      each db is in a separate directory 
                                              (relevant only if dbpath specified)
        --journal                             enable journaling (relevant only if 
                                              dbpath specified)
        -d [ --db ] arg                       database to use
        -c [ --collection ] arg               collection to use (some commands)
        -l [ --local ] arg                    local filename for put|get (default is 
                                              to use the same name as 'gridfs 
        -t [ --type ] arg                     MIME type for put (default is to omit)
        -r [ --replace ]                      Remove other files with same name after

      2.8.0-rc2 mongofiles --help

      dan:(git)mongo-tools[master]/$ mongofiles --help
      general options:
            --help                     Print usage
            --version                  Print the version
      verbosity options:
        -v, --verbose                  Set verbosity level
            --quiet                    Run in quiet mode, attempting to limit the amount of output
      connection options:
        -h, --host=                    Specify a resolvable hostname to which to connect
            --port=                    Specify the tcp port on which the mongod is listening
      authentication options:
        -u, --username=                Specify a user name for authentication
        -p, --password=                Specify a password for authentication
            --authenticationDatabase=  Specify the database that holds the user's credentials
            --authenticationMechanism= Specify the authentication mechanism to be used
      storage options:
        -d, --db=                      database to use (test)
        -l, --local=                   local filename for put|get (default is to use the same name as 'gridfs filename')
        -t, --type=                    Content/MIME type for put (default is to omit)
        -r, --replace                  Remove other files with same name after put
            --prefix=                  GridFS prefix to use (fs)
            --writeConcern=            write concern options e.g. --writeConcern majority, --writeConcern '{w: 3, wtimeout: 500, fsync: true, j: true}' (majority)

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