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Launch MongoDB Shell is not working for cmd and pwsh

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      OS: Windows 10 21H2
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      The opening of a shell does not give the right commands to terminals, namely to cmd and pwsh, thus either failing or connecting to the wrong database.

      for cmd
      the issued command is mongo %MDB_CONNECTION_STRING%. the problem here is that if the connection string has & in it, it is considered as part of the terminal's "and then" logic, thus it does not work properly

      for pwsh
      the issued command is mongo $MDB_CONNECTION_STRING . the problem here is that this environment variable is empty for powershell, thus mongo shell tries to connect to localhost. actually, this works on Linux shells but is not how environment variables are accessed in powershell, suggesting this shell is not considered to be a powershell.

      for powershell version 5 and above, and for cygwin-bash

      environment variables are seemingly set and used correctly: mongo $Env:MDB_CONNECTION_STRING and mongo $MDB_CONNECTION_STRING respectively

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      both cmd and pwsh connects to the right database succesfuly

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      Created from GitHub issue: https://github.com/mongodb-js/vscode/issues/430

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