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Playground run "MONGOSH execute all error: extensionPath is undefined"

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      VSCode 1.75.1 on MacOS 10.13.6, MongoDB for VS Code v0.10.0
      Remote VPS with MongoDB 3.6.7 inside a Docker container

      Problem Statement/Rationale

      Running a playground has no effect.
      Error in the "MongoDB Language Server" output reads:
      MONGOSH execute all error: extensionPath is undefined

      Browsing collections of the same database in the "Connections" panel on the left works fine.

      Right-click on the connection, Launch MongoDB Shell launches a functional session.

      The only thing that fails is the Playground Run.

      Single log line:
      [Error - 17:52:24] MONGOSH execute all error: extensionPath is undefined
       Steps to Reproduce
      Under Mac OS not the newest version, no local MongoDB / mongosh installed,launch VSCode, install MongoDB extension v.0.10.0, connect to a remote MongoDB server. Make sure connection works, collections and documents can be browsed.

      Create a simplest playground with statements like


      const result = db.CollectionName.find({});
      console.log('result', result);

      Click the black triangle button on the upper right.

      Expected Results

      A popup window with resuls, or any meaningful output in the Output panel.

      Actual Results

      Nothing happens except a single error line in the Output - "MongoDB Language Server".

      Additional Notes

      Same behavior observed both:

      • running VSCode new blank WorkSpace
      • "Remote SSH" workspace, connected to the VPS that exposes the MongoDB  Docker container port.


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