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Add testing backups to timestamp_abort

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    • WT11.2.0, 7.0.0-rc0
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      We would like to add support for testing backups into timestamp_abort, so that we can check whether we can properly create correct full and incremental backups.


      This work was originally proposed as a part of WT-10551, but we are separating it into its own ticket. This was motivated by corruptions that we saw in HELP-41498, in which several blocks were not included in incremental updates after an unclean shutdown. As mentioned in WT-10551, timestamp_abort is a possible vehicle for adding such tests given that it already has many parts that we need: workload with checkpoints, unclean shutdown, recovery, and verification.

      Acceptance Criteria

      The test should modify timestamp_abort so that it creates a full backup and several incremental backups, both before and after an unclean failure. We should then verify the backups. As suggested in WT-10551, the verification can just check that the right blocks were (or would be) copied.

      Suggested Solution

      Modify timestamp_abort so that:

      • It creates full and incremental snapshots, or if not, so that it at least keeps track of which blocks should be included in which snapshots. There should be at least one incremental snapshot created after recovering from a failure.
      • Use the bitmap-based verification technique outlined in the comments of WT-10551 to validate whether the right chunks were selected for the incremental backup.

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