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Evaluate whether to consider internal pages for dirtied by a transaction

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      WT-10027 modified the code which now looks as follows:

               * For application threads, track the transaction bytes added to cache usage. We want to
               * capture only the application's own changes to page data structures. Exclude changes to
               * internal pages or changes that are the result of the application thread being co-opted
               * into eviction work.
              if (!F_ISSET(session, WT_SESSION_INTERNAL) &&
                F_ISSET(session->txn, WT_TXN_RUNNING | WT_TXN_HAS_ID) &&
                __wt_session_gen(session, WT_GEN_EVICT) == 0)
                  WT_STAT_SESSION_INCRV(session, txn_bytes_dirty, size);

      The comment says to exclude the changes to the internal pages, but the code includes them. This ticket will explore whether to fix the comment or the code.

      cc sue.loverso@mongodb.com

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