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Coverity analysis defect 137581: Value not atomically updated

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    • 2023-05-02 StorEng Bug Bash

      Value not atomically updated

      The result of the update will be determined by the interleaving of thread execution. Non-atomic update of a concurrently shared value
      /src/block_cache/block_chunkcache.c:298: ATOMICITY 137581 Locking "chunkcache->hashtable[bucket_id].bucket_lock.lock".
      /src/block_cache/block_chunkcache.c:299: ATOMICITY 137581 Assigning data that might be protected by the lock to "chunk".
      /src/block_cache/block_chunkcache.c:361: ATOMICITY 137581 Unlocking "chunkcache->hashtable[bucket_id].bucket_lock.lock". "chunk" might now be unreliable because other threads can now change the data that it depends on.
      /src/block_cache/block_chunkcache.c:384: ATOMICITY 137581 Locking "chunkcache->chunkcache_lru_lock.lock" again.
      /src/block_cache/block_chunkcache.c:385: ATOMICITY 137581 Using an unreliable value of "chunk" inside the second locked section. If the data that "chunk" depends on was changed by another thread, this use might be incorrect.

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