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Remove deprecated uses of python package distutils

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    • 나비 (nabi) - 2024-04-16, Nick - 2024-04-30, Megabat - 2024-05-14

      The distutils package is deprecated as of Python 3.10 which we use in our v4 toolchain. We should update all uses of distutils to make use of setuptools instead.

      There was an initial attempt in WT-11196 (PR here), however we hit an issue where we need setuptools 59.0.0 and the platforms are currently using 58.1.0.

      This ticket will track the work required to use the correct version of setuptools, whether that requires changes to the test platforms or updating our evergreen.yml to install the correct version directly. We will also need to update all source code making reference to distutils.

      Note that many of the references to distutils are in the test/3rdparty folder so we'll need to be careful with those changes. We can either update to newer versions of the tools, or we will need to carefully document the changes we've made. test/3rdparty/concurrencytest-0.1.2-locally-modified is one example where we've done this in the past.

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