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shared_cache04 crashes/hangs sometimes

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    • WT2.4.0
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      I am sometimes seeing a crash/hang in shared_cache04. On the surface it appears that the test completes and closes before one thread gets started. This happened to me today about 50% of the tries. Stacks:

      (gdb) thread apply all bt
      Thread 2 (process 76664):
      WT-3  0x000000010f3f6512 in __wt_abort (session=0x7feee7816000) at os_abort.c:21
      WT-4  0x000000010f423bf4 in __wt_assert (session=0x7feee7816000, error=0, file_name=0x10f43fed2 "../src/session/session_api.c", line_number=838, fmt=0x10f436528 "%s") at err.c:452
      WT-5  0x000000010f41f693 in __wt_open_session (conn=0x7feee7802000, event_handler=0x0, config=0x0, sessionp=0x10f900e40) at session_api.c:838
      WT-6  0x000000010f41f4bb in __wt_open_internal_session (conn=0x7feee7802000, name=0x10f43c771 "cache-pool", uses_dhandles=0, open_metadata=0, sessionp=0x7feee3654b78) at session_api.c:758
      WT-7  0x000000010f3a65d2 in __cache_pool_balance () at conn_cache_pool.c:353
      WT-8  0x000000010f3a6ecc in __wt_cache_pool_server (arg=0x0) at conn_cache_pool.c:542
      Thread 1 (process 76664):
      #0  0x00007fff8d3aa122 in __psynch_mutexwait ()
      WT-1  0x00007fff8e2dcdfd in pthread_mutex_lock ()
      WT-2  0x000000010f41aefc in __wt_spin_lock (session=0x7feee7816280, t=0x7feee7802300) at mutex.i:172
      WT-3  0x000000010f41abbd in __session_close (wt_session=0x7feee7816280, config=0x0) at session_api.c:119
      WT-4  0x000000010f351605 in __wt_evict_destroy (conn=0x7feee7802000) at bt_evict.c:329
      WT-5  0x000000010f3aba58 in __wt_connection_close (conn=0x7feee7802000) at conn_open.c:151
      WT-6  0x000000010f3a18d3 in __conn_close (wt_conn=0x7feee7802000, config=0x0) at conn_api.c:614
      WT-7  0x000000010f30ed9d in _wrap_Connection_close (self=<value temporarily unavailable, due to optimizations>, args=<value temporarily unavailable, due to optimizations>) at ../../../lang/python/wiredtiger_wrap.c:7148

      And here is the assertion:

               * Make sure we don't try to open a new session after the application
               * closes the connection.  This is particularly intended to catch
               * cases where server threads open sessions.
              WT_ASSERT(session, F_ISSET(conn, WT_CONN_SERVER_RUN));

      Perhaps instead of an assert, if the flag isn't set and this thread lost a scheduling race, it should unlock and return?

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