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Be able to exclude tables from background compaction

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    • WT11.2.0, 7.2.0-rc0
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    • Component/s: Compaction
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    • Joker - StorEng - 2023-10-17

      We want to be able to exclude tables from background compaction.

      This ticket should:

      • Create a new configuration parameter "exclude" that takes a list of tables to exclude.
      • Implement the code to update that list when background compaction is enabled.
      • Update the code that decides whether background compaction should skip a table by using the new list.
      • Add relevant stats if necessary.
      • Create tests.

      Example of valid configuration:

              config = 'background=true,exclude=["table:a.wt","table:b.wt"]'

      Note that only the prefix "table" should be used.

      The existing backup_restore_target could be reused as an example which has already been implemented.

            etienne.petrel@mongodb.com Etienne Petrel
            etienne.petrel@mongodb.com Etienne Petrel
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