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Make the output of "wt printlog -u" a valid, machine-parsable JSON

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    • WT11.2.0, 7.2.0-rc0
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      The output of wt printlog -u looks like JSON, but it is not actually a valid, machine-parsable JSON document. For example, here is a sample log record for row_put:

            { "optype": "row_put",
              "fileid": 0 0x0,
              "key": "file:table.wt\u0000",
              "value": "(redacted)"

      The fileid field is not a valid JSON, as its value is printed twice: first as a regular integer and then as a hex.


      Suggested solution

      If we would like to keep the hex output, we can store it in a separate string field:

            { "optype": "row_put",
              "fileid": 0,
              "fileid-hex": "0x0",
              "key": "file:table.wt\u0000",
              "value": "(redacted)"

      This would follow our precedent in printing values in hex, which use a separate value-hex field.

      We should be able to do this as a small change to dist/log.py, which generates src/log/log_auto.c. After that, we should look for any more instances of improper JSON.

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