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Table's version number dropped to version=(major=1,minor=0)

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      mongosync test failed in the MongoDB 6.0 to 6.0 test with the following message:

      __ckpt_version_chk:1399:file:collection-45-3707378585866719276.wt is an unsupported WiredTiger source file version 1.0; this WiredTiger build only supports versions from 1.1 to 1.1

      This failure was detected by CheckReplDBHash at the source, in j2:cl0:n2 (job 2, cluster 0, node 2), so it was probably caused by resmoke, not mongosync. This a test that has been usually passing, and there were no recent changes to the test.


      Initial investigation

      Examining the WiredTiger metadata table, the value for file:collection-45-3707378585866719276.wt indeed includes version=(major=1,minor=0).

      History of the failed table collection-45-3707378585866719276:

      • As seen in the logs for the first occurrence of row_put for file:collection-45-3707378585866719276.wt, the version number was correct, version=(major=1,minor=1).
      • When the database took its first checkpoint (WiredTigerCheckpoint.1), the metadata that was recorded in the file itself contains the correct version number, version=(major=1,minor=1).
      • However, the corresponding metadata table row_put for file:collection-45-3707378585866719276.wt has the incorrect version number, version=(major=1,minor=0).



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