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Investigate returning a "real" string from compile_configuration

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      This is a followup task for WT-11126.  The compile_configuration API in that ticket returns a pointer to an internal char* "dummy string" buffer.  The result can really only be used by the caller as an opaque pointer, and calling it a char * is confusing.  We should investigate returning something like a string like "~57".  It can be copied as a normal string and later used.  Instead of checking the address, we check the content, in this case it would refer to the 57th entry in the compiled table.  The "~" signifies it is a reference to a compiled string, so we don't treat it as a configuration string.

      One benefit is making it easier for Python to work with compile_configuration/bind_configuration.  Another benefit is that it may be easier to understand conceptually.  A final benefit is that there would be no limit on the number of preconfigured configurations.

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