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race in closing btree handles

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      There's a race in the btree close code:

              if (F_ISSET(btree, WT_BTREE_OPEN))
                      WT_STAT_DECR(conn->stats, file_open);
              /* Remove from the connection's list. */
              __wt_spin_lock(session, &conn->spinlock);
              inuse = (--btree->refcnt > 0);
              if (!inuse) {
                      TAILQ_REMOVE(&conn->btqh, btree, q);
              __wt_spin_unlock(session, &conn->spinlock);
              if (inuse)
                      return (0);
              ret = __wt_btree_close(session);
              __wt_free(session, btree->name);
              __wt_free(session, btree->filename);
              __wt_free(session, btree->config);

      Here's the sequence:

      Thread WT-1:
      acquire conn->spinlock
      find btree, refcnt == 0
      remove btree from queue
      release conn->spinlock
      Thread WT-2:
      acquire conn->spinlock
      don't find btree entry
      add btree to queue
      acquire btree->rwlock
      release conn->spinlock
      open btree (reading the underlying root page and free list)
      release btree->rwlock
      Thread WT-1:
      call __wt_btree_close (writing dirty pages and the underlying free list)

      and now we've got inconsistent views of the file.

            keith.bostic@mongodb.com Keith Bostic (Inactive)
            keith.bostic@mongodb.com Keith Bostic (Inactive)
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