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      Michael, this turned out to be a lot easier than I anticipated, I think it's done and ready for your review.

      The only things that are a little screwy are that the object WiredTiger.wt no longer shows up in the "wt list" command because there's no entry for WiredTiger.wt in WiredTiger.wt itself (I hacked "wt list -s" (list the snapshots) and "wt list -v" (list the configuration entries) to display information about WiredTiger.wt anyway, because I want to see more in-depth information in those cases).

      If we want to make it look like the schema file still has entries for the WiredTiger.wt file itself, I think we'd have to change the utilities to call an in-library function in order to walk the schema information (right now, they all open a cursor on WiredTiger.wt directly, and walk it). If the utilities called into the library to walk the schema file, we could pretty easily tack on a couple of extra entries from the turtle file and it would all work as it did before. That's not hard to do, I don't think, but I didn't bother.

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