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bulk load and column store appends

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    • WT2.8.0
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      WiredTiger currently ignores the bulk-load flag if configured in-memory.

      That's a problem for column-store objects because we ignore the key when doing a column-store bulk-load, so an application that configures in-memory and isn't setting the cursor key for the bulk-load will fail the WT_CURSOR.insert call because the key isn't set.

      We could:

      • make bulk-load illegal on in-memory objects,
      • make bulk-load really work on in-memory objects,
      • set WT_CURSOR_APPEND when opening a bulk-load column-store cursor on an in-memory table,
      • detect the error and provide a better error message

      I don't care much, myself.

      Absent other opinions, I guess I'd make bulk-load illegal on in-memory objects because it's simplest, but if there's a reason to support bulk-load in-memory, I don't think it would be terribly difficult to do so.

      agorrod, michael.cahill, opinions?

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