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row-store can pass garbage keys to collator functions

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    • WT2.8.0
    • Affects Version/s: WT2.7.0
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      The attached program collator_index_test.c sets up a collator on an index. During the second insertion, the collator compare is called with the expected key from the insertion, but with an unexpected key from the tree, a single null byte. The collator doesn't know what to make of this - it doesn't look like a (value,key) pair that can be decoded.

      The caller of the callback is row_srch.c:294, which seems to be handling appends in a fast-path. If the fast-path code is commented out, it gives normal callbacks.

      This test case is derived from attachment jcurs_u_extr_index_coll.c in WT-2308

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