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Create join statistics that are useful and are easy to understand

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    • WT2.9.0, 3.3.9
    • Affects Version/s: WT2.8.0
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      Hi! I found that "actual count of items" value from join cursor statistic is the same for queries with GE and GT conditions, it is equal to correct value for GE. Error in statistic value corresponding to GT is 1. It is not big problem, but may be it will be interesting for you. Attached example demonstrate the problem. It has next output on "develop" branch:

      $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=wt_2.8_dev/ ./jcursor_count_stat
      value from jcursor: key = 2, v = 12
      ret = -31803, nr_found = 1
      join: index:main:index: actual count of items=3, expected=1

      Another problem is that on "master" branch attached test works next:

      $ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=wt_2.8/ ./jcursor_count_stat            
      ret = -31803, nr_found = 0
      join: index:main:index: actual count of items=2, expected=0

      It does not find correct result.

        1. jcurs_stat_extractor.c
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          Denis Shkirya
        2. jcursor_count_stat.c
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          Denis Shkirya

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