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Pull request tester not running Python suite

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    • WT2.9.0, 3.3.9
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      The test failure after merge of WT-2692 made me wonder why the pull request tester didn't flag the error. When I looked at the output I see that it's not running the python test suite:

      + env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=.libs python ../test/suite/run.py -j 4 -v 4 -j 12
        $ cd build_posix
        $ python ../test/suite/run.py [ options ] [ tests ]
        -C file | --configcreate file  create a config file for controlling tests
        -c file | --config file        use a config file for controlling tests
        -D dir  | --dir dir            use dir rather than WT_TEST.
                                       dir is removed/recreated as a first step.
        -d      | --debug              run with 'pdb', the python debugger
        -g      | --gdb                all subprocesses (like calls to wt) use gdb
        -h      | --help               show this message
        -j N    | --parallel N         run all tests in parallel using N processes
        -l      | --long               run the entire test suite
        -p      | --preserve           preserve output files in WT_TEST/<testname>
        -t      | --timestamp          name WT_TEST according to timestamp
        -v N    | --verbose N          set verboseness to N (0<=N<=3, default=1)
        may be a file name in test/suite: (e.g. test_base01.py)
        may be a subsuite name (e.g. 'base' runs test_base*.py)
        When -C or -c are present, there may not be any tests named.
      + make clean

      There are two problems that require fixes:
      1) Why isn't the command correct
      2) Why isn't the failed test suite run flagged as an error by the test

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