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Create documentation describing page sizes and relationships

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    • WT2.9.2, 3.2.13, 3.4.3, 3.5.2
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    • Storage 2016-11-21, Storage 2016-12-12, Storage 2017-01-23

      The only documentation we currently provide for the different page sizes used by WiredTiger is maintained in the API documentation.

      It would be useful to create documentation that describes what the different page images WiredTiger maintains are, and how configuration options affect those. The particular pages I think require documentation are:

      • memory_page_max
      • internal_page_max
      • leaf_page_max

      The documentation should also describe the following configuration options in terms of where they fit into the different page types:

      • allocation size (allocation_size)
      • split percentage (split_pct)
      • different compression mechanisms come into play (block_compressor (raw, noraw), dictionary, huffman_key, huffman_value, prefix_compression, prefix_compression_min).
      • various key and value "max" settings (internal_key_max, leaf_key_max, leaf_value_max).

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