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Java: Cursor.compare and Cursor.equals throw Exceptions for valid return values

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    • WT2.9.2, 3.2.13, 3.4.4, 3.5.6
    • Affects Version/s: WT2.8.0, WT2.9.0
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      Affects Java-based programs
    • Storage 2017-04-17

      An output type map is defined in wiredtiger.i to map non-zero return values from C-language methods to Java exceptions. This is applied uniformly to all methods that return integers.

      The original authors of the compare_wrap and equals_wrap methods, however, clearly intended the result of the comparison to be returned directly. There are a couple of hints of this. There are Swig declarations to ignore/rename the methods and inside the renamed methods the logic from the output type map is duplicated.

      The current state is that when a cursor comparison returns 1, a WiredTigerException is thrown with the POSIX error string for ERRNO 1. -1 throws the Wired Tiger exception string at index -1. 0 happens to work, which might be why this was missed until now. As far as I can tell, this bug has been present since the JNI was introduced.

      There are a number of ways of solving this. Some of them are more brittle / less
      performant than others. The route I've chosen to take is to avoid the typemap
      by changing the return type to a long. It was the most minimally intrusive way
      which had minimal performance impact.

      I'll have a pull request on GitHub ready in a few moments. Here is a commit illustrating the bug in JUnit tests.


      Other options would include:
      1: Stashing the default Swig typemap for int and restoring it
      at the end of the scope of the Cursor class. Any methods after
      the restoration would return integers verbatim. This method is
      brittle due to a reliance on the ordering of methods and Swig
      2: Boxing the int return type into a capital-I Integer in Java
      3: Boxing the int into a single element int[] and then unboxing in Java
      4: Some other deep Swig magick to arcane for myself.

      Source Pointers:
      wiredtiger.i:165 - typemap out int
      wiredtiger.i:313-314 - ignore/rename compare
      wiredtiger.i:315-316 - ignore/rename equals
      wiredtiger.i:1189 - compare_wrap body
      wiredtiger.i:1198 - equals_wrap body
      wiredtiger.i:1694 - Cursor::compare body
      wiredtiger.i:1704 - Curosr::equals body

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