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Add new wiredtiger_salvage top level API

    • Storage Engines 2018-08-13, Storage Engines 2018-08-27
    • v4.0

      As part of the work to make repair in MongoDB more robust, we will add a new top level entry point to WiredTiger that will allow for salvaging corrupted metadata files where possible. The API will be called wiredtiger_salvage, and should be called after WiredTiger has returned a new WT_DATA_CORRUPTION error return. It should attempt to salvage both WiredTiger.wt and WiredTiger.turtle files.

      This will allow MongoDB to continue opening in repair mode, rather than failing, so users can read some of their data rather than none.

      If the salvage succeeds, WiredTiger will not be required to run recovery or apply log files.

            sue.loverso@mongodb.com Susan LoVerso
            louis.williams@mongodb.com Louis Williams
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