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Shorten runtime of Python test suite

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    • 3.6.9, 4.0.3, 4.1.3, WT3.2.0
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    • Storage Engines 2018-09-10

      We run the Python test suite a lot, there is good value in reducing it's runtime as long as that can be done without compromising test coverage. This task will focus on shortening the runtime for the longest running test cases where possible without losing coverage.

      Based on a Jenkins Windows run the longest running tests account for 10 minutes of runtime (spread across the threads in a Linux build, the total elapsed time they account for will be less, but still significant proportion of the total time. Those test cases are:

      test_stat04.test_stat04.test_stat_nentries -s 6 (row.large)
      test_join02.test_join02.test_basic_join -s 6 (key-iS.bloom)
      test_cursor13.test_cursor13_big.test_cursor_big -s 0 (file)
      test_cursor13.test_cursor13_big.test_cursor_big -s 1 (table)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 4 (nolog.row-smallcache)
      test_sweep01.test_sweep01.test_ops -s 2 (fix)
      test_sweep01.test_sweep01.test_ops -s 1 (var)
      test_sweep01.test_sweep01.test_ops -s 0 (row)
      test_intpack.test_intpack.test_packing -s 8 (int32_t_l)
      test_truncate01.test_truncate_cursor.test_truncate_simple -s 1 (file.string.small.on-disk)
      test_intpack.test_intpack.test_packing -s 10 (int64_t_q)
      test_backup03.test_backup_target.test_backup_target -s 1 (backup_6b)
      test_intpack.test_intpack.test_packing -s 6 (int32_t_i)
      test_truncate01.test_truncate_cursor.test_truncate_simple -s 7 (table.string.small.on-disk)
      test_truncate01.test_truncate_cursor.test_truncate_simple -s 4 (table.recno.small.on-disk)
      test_truncate01.test_truncate_cursor.test_truncate_simple -s 0 (file.recno.big.on-disk)
      test_sweep03.test_sweep03.test_disable_idle_timeout1 -s 0 (row)
      test_sweep03.test_sweep03.test_disable_idle_timeout1 -s 2 (fix)
      test_sweep03.test_sweep03.test_disable_idle_timeout1 -s 1 (var)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 14 (V2.row-smallcache)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 11 (V2.col_var)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 5 (V1.col_fix)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 6 (V1.col_var)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 10 (V2.col_fix)
      test_timestamp04.test_timestamp04.test_rollback_to_stable -s 9 (V1.row-smallcache)
      test_backup02.test_backup02.test_backup02 -s 0 (table)
      test_timestamp07.test_timestamp07.test_timestamp07 -s 11 (table-cg.log.1000keys)
      test_timestamp07.test_timestamp07.test_timestamp07 -s 5 (file.log.1000keys)

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