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Set corruption and return salvage on facing a missing log file

    • Type: Icon: Bug Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 4.0.5, 4.1.6, WT3.2.0
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    • Storage Engines 2018-11-19
    • v4.0

      In WT-4149 the ability to run salvage recovery in the face of a missing (middle) log file in recovery was added. Calling wiredtiger_open and running recovery will detect the missing log file. Calling wiredtiger_open(salvage=true) will recover what it can up to the point of the missing file.

      The problem is that the first call to wiredtiger_open that detects the issue does not return WT_TRY_SALVAGE. Instead it returns WT_PANIC.

      The logging code does not set WT_CONN_DATA_CORRUPTION. And wt_txn_recover returns ENOENT from the recovery attempt.

      The unit test, test_txn19.py is passing because it is looking for the first run to show No such file in the error output. It should verify that WT_TRY_SALVAGE is returned.

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