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Create new auto functions and cursor for session level statistics

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    • 4.0.5, 4.1.6, WT3.2.0
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    • Storage Engines 2018-11-05, Storage Engines 2018-11-19

      Session statistics to be added are:

      Field WiredTiger stat reference
      data: {bytesRead:} WT_STAT_SESS_BLOCK_BYTE_READ
      data: {bytesWritten:} WT_STAT_SESS_BLOCK_BYTE_WRITE
      data: {timeReadingMicros:} WT_STAT_SESS_BLOCK_READ_TIME
      data: {timeWritingMicros:} WT_STAT_SESS_BLOCK_WRITE_TIME
      timeWaitingMicros: {cache:} WT_STAT_SESS_APPLICATION_CACHE_TIME
      timeWaitingMicros: {schemaLock:} WT_STAT_SESS_LOCK_SCHEMA_WAIT_APPLICATION
      timeWaitingMicros: {handleLock:} WT_STAT_SESS_LOCK_DHANDLE_WAIT_APPLICATION

      Since the  session statistics will only be accessed single threaded, we do not need multiple slots and instead the goal is to be space efficient. Hence we do not need to generate the aggregate or clear_all functionality for these statistics, modify stat.py accordingly.


      Scope includes exploring the possibility to avoid duplication of these statistics in conjunction with connection statistics. If it is too much work to avoid duplication, it is okay to redefine the same statistics again in a different category. 

      If duplicating then work needed to avoid duplication to be outlined as part of this ticket.

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