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Allow durable updates to be evicted to the lookaside file

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    • WT3.2.0, 4.1.9
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    • Storage Engines 2019-01-28, Storage Engines 2019-02-11, Storage Engines 2019-02-25, Storage Engines 2019-03-11

      Durable updates are currently treated as uncommitted from the point of view of eviction. We should allow them to be evicted to the lookaside file. We implemented most of the machinery required to do this as part of the original transaction prepare work. Since committing a prepared transaction now searches for updates via cursor operations, rather than referencing them directly in cache.

      This work involves:

      • Updating the timestamps tracked in WT_PAGE_LOOKASIDE to reflect durable timestamps instead of commit timestamps
      • Ensuring that checkpoint respects the durable timestamp for records even if they have been evicted to the lookaside table.
      • Creating a test validating that checkpoint sees the expected data
      • Ensure that entries in the lookaside file with durable timestamps can be cleaned up in a reasonable way

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