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Convert operation tracking logs to t2 format

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    • WT3.2.0, 4.1.12
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      The goal is to find a way to examine operation tracking logs more easily. Presently, the user must run a python script to generate a visualization. The running time of this script is proportional to the length of the log files, which are proportional to the length of the job. For some moderately long jobs, such as evict-stress-multi.wtperf, the visualization script takes days to run. Another problem is that in some cases operation tracking generates a noticeable overhead, so it should not be always on by default. 

      This ticket involves several efforts:

      1) Measure the overhead of operation tracking to decide if it can simply be turned on in existing Jenkins job or if we should run a separate job with operation tracking on.

      2) Parallelize the current visualization script as much as possible to reduce the length of completion.

      3) Create a different, light-weight script, that will summarize operation-tracking logs in a way that they can be displayed in t2. 

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