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test/format assertion failure in curfile_remove

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    • Storage Engines 2020-02-24

      The Jenkins job at http://build.wiredtiger.com:8080/job/wiredtiger-test-format-stress-sanitizer-ppc/9175/ failed with this assertion failure:

      [1579975559:6091][33852:0x3fff7817f150], t, file:wt, WT_CURSOR.remove: __cursor_page_pinned, 112: current_state == WT_REF_LIMBO || current_state == WT_REF_MEM
      [1579975559:6239][33852:0x3fff7817f150], t, file:wt, WT_CURSOR.remove: __wt_abort, 28: aborting WiredTiger library

      Here is the stack:

      (gdb) bt
      #0  0x00003fff8d3ae4d8 in raise () from /lib64/power8/libc.so.6
      #1  0x00003fff8d3b0658 in abort () from /lib64/power8/libc.so.6
      #2  0x000000001037d8ac in __wt_abort (session=0x3fff8ad1aba0) at ../src/os_common/os_abort.c:30
      #3  0x0000000010629974 in __cursor_page_pinned (cbt=0xac000161080, search_operation=false)
          at ../src/btree/bt_cursor.c:112
      #4  0x0000000010631c5c in __wt_btcur_remove (cbt=0xac000161080, positioned=true)
          at ../src/btree/bt_cursor.c:1040
      #5  0x00000000108685e4 in __curfile_remove (cursor=0xac000161080) at ../src/cursor/cur_file.c:408
      #6  0x0000000010165718 in row_remove (tinfo=0xb7800150400, cursor=0xac000161080, positioned=false)
          at ../../../test/format/ops.c:1702
      #7  0x000000001015ba68 in ops (arg=0xb7800150400) at ../../../test/format/ops.c:821
      #8  0x000000001010dfa0 in __asan::AsanThread::ThreadStart (this=0x3fff81b30000, os_id=33931, 
          at /home/dhows/llvm-git/projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/asan_thread.cc:257
      #9  0x000000001003a77c in asan_thread_start (arg=0x3ffff8bbae78)
          at /home/dhows/llvm-git/projects/compiler-rt/lib/asan/asan_interceptors.cc:305
      #10 0x00003fff8d738944 in start_thread () from /lib64/power8/libpthread.so.0
      #11 0x00003fff8d487640 in clone () from /lib64/power8/libc.so.6
      (gdb) frame 3
      #3  0x0000000010629974 in __cursor_page_pinned (cbt=0xac000161080, search_operation=false)
          at ../src/btree/bt_cursor.c:112
      warning: Source file is more recent than executable.
      112	    WT_ASSERT(session, current_state == WT_REF_LIMBO || current_state == WT_REF_MEM);
      (gdb) p current_state
      $1 = 6

      The current state, 6, is WT_REF_READING.

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