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Run macOS compile task on macos-1012 Evergreen distro

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    • WT10.0.0, 4.9.0, 4.4.5
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    • Storage - Ra 2021-02-22

      After switching our Evergreen distro from macos-1012 to the newer macos-1014 in WT-5137, we encountered the long distro queue problem twice, making WiredTiger macOS tasks took an extended period of time to be scheduled. This also affected our PR testing efficiency, as the macOS compile task is part of the PR testing scope.

      We'd like to switch the compile task back to the more stable macos-1012 distro temporarily, to protect our developer productivity and avoid being impacted by the periodic long distro queue issue on the newer distro. We can reevaluate the stability for the macos-1014 distro later to decide whether or not to adopt it for the compile task. 

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