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Add import functionality to test/format



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      This is the follow up ticket from WT-7210 discussion. This portion of the ticket investigates the functionality of adding an import thread into test/format stress testing. Currently the design that is discussed from WT-7210 describes adding an import thread, in which will perform live import on the current RUNDIR. Since import needs a table that is foreign to the RUNDIR database, the idea is to create/drop tables in another database in a new subdirectory RUNDIR/IMPORT, removing the necessity of exclusive access of tables.

      There have been numerous implementation approaches that can be done here.

      • The thread will call session drop, and then import the same uri onto the table. (This method is least preferable, as no operation can be done on the uri between drop and import, and drop would be EBUSY most of the time).
      • The thread inside will create a new uri table, and populate some data into the new uri, then call drop on that uri, and then import back into the database (This is method allows other threads to work on original uri in test/format)
      • The thread will somehow copy the existing table uri file that it is performing on, and then import the newly copied table (This method is most experimental, as not sure with the behaviours around copying a live table, and importing a copied table file)

      Note: test/format only performs operations on 1 table continually currently.
      An actual use case here, can also provide assistance in designing the import for test/format


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