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Complete CMake Windows support

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      As a WT developer, I want to be able to compile the wiredtiger library target (libwiredtiger[.a,.so]), the Python API and C/C++ tests for Windows, using CMake.

      Definition of done:

      • Can invoke CMake in the wiredtiger repository. This should be able to successfully configure/generate a Ninja build on:
        • Windows platforms.
        • For supported compilers: GCC & Clang.
      • Supports static and shared library builds
      • Supports the different extension configurations (e.g  compressors)
      • Working ninja build that successfully creates a libwiredtiger[.a,.so] file
      • Support compiling Python API
      • Support compiling C/C++ tests
      • Updated documentation for new architectures (if needed) on how to build library with CMake (e.g. README) 
      • SCons build still works as expected (should co-exist in tree) 

            alison.felizzi@mongodb.com Alison Felizzi (Inactive)
            alison.felizzi@mongodb.com Alison Felizzi (Inactive)
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