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Fixes to have bucket prefixes properly used in object names.

      Currently the local_store does not have or use the configured bucket_prefix that is in the WT_BUCKET_STORAGE data structure. Once WT-7693 merges the duplicated information and the prefix is available, this ticket should be the work to prepend the bucket_prefix string to shared storage object names.

      Some things to resolve in this ticket:

      • What layer has knowledge of the bucket prefix? My initial thoughts are that it is only inside the extension. I.e. the library hands the extension name-0000001.wtobj and the extension creates a file with pfxname-0000001.wtobj on disk.
      • Use (or not) of a separator between the object name and bucket_prefix.
      • Once it is being used write a python test to have multiple databases using the same local store directory with the same named tables but different prefixes and coexisting and working correctly.

            sue.loverso@mongodb.com Susan LoVerso
            sue.loverso@mongodb.com Susan LoVerso
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