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Fix assertion failure in __pthread_mutex_lock

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      format-stress-test-2 failed on Ubuntu 18.04 Stress tests

      Host: ec2-34-239-226-115.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-7770 Fix issue linking TCMalloc in CMake (#6743)


      Updated the CMake configuration header to use the ENABLE_TCMALLOC
      option to define HAVE_LIBTCMALLOC. Currently autoconf and
      mongodb SCons define HAVE_LIBTCMALLOC in the configuration header
      when enabling tcmalloc builds. Hence our sources will include
      the tcmalloc headers when HAVE_LIBTCMALLOC is defined. In CMake,
      we want to reserve the CPP defintion HAVE_LIBTCMALLOC to just
      check if the library exists, not to necessarily link against
      tcmalloc. We ideally want to use the ENABLE_TCMALLOC option to
      actually create a tcmalloc build.

      • Link tcmalloc library when ENABLE_TCMALLOC is set

      Added the missing logic to actually link the tcmalloc library when
      the user has specified tcmalloc builds.

      • Remove unused config_lib code

      The CMake config_lib function no longer depends on the
      check_library_exists macro and thus does not need to pass in a
      function parameter. We can safetly remove this code. | 05 Jul 21 03:56 UTC
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