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Remove split_8 timing stress configuration

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    • Storage - Ra 2021-09-20, Storage - Ra 2021-10-04

      format-stress-smoke-test-2 failed on Ubuntu 18.04 Stress tests

      Host: ec2-18-234-247-134.compute-1.amazonaws.com
      Project: WiredTiger (develop)
      Commit: diff: WT-8043 Tidy the "ripcip" argument into the visibility code (#6965)

      • The "ripcip" argument into the visibility mechanism can just be "rip".

      It is only used by the row code. There was one case where it was being
      used as "cip", but that code was wrong, and (fortunately, then) also
      unreachable. ("ins" is never null for column-store.)

      Change it to be a WT_ROW * instead of a void *. It turns out that the
      corresponding entry in WT_SAVE_UPD was already a WT_ROW *, so just
      rename that (ripcip -> rip) for clarity.

      It turns out this also allows removing the unsafe casts in WT_ROW_SLOT
      and WT_COL_SLOT.

      • Assert that ins isn't null for columns, at the top and when creating supd.
      • Rerun s_all on the merge, was too optimistic about clang-format not wanting to change it. | 04 Sep 21 00:28 UTC
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