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Performance with riak

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    • WT2.2.1
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      I've been investigating the long latencies with basho_bench and riak. I have found that the underlying cause of quite a number of them appears to be snappy compression and decompression. Somehow we appear to be able to get snappy into a very slow state. I've been recording, in the thin WT layer, any time a call to snappy_compress or snappy_uncompress takes longer than 0.75 seconds, and aborting if it takes > 1 second. On one run, I had 9 entries before it aborted. Each one was a decompress, all between 12280-12290 bytes in (compressed) length and the recorded times were taking progressively longer, from 0.75sec until it aborted > 1sec. Another run, I only had the entry for the aborting thread where a compress took 1.02 seconds to compress 98220 bytes down to 48222 bytes.

      Currently I bumped the abort threshold to 1.5 seconds just to see how many entries I collect before aborting. I'm going to look at the snappy source that we build into wterl/riak to see if there is anything obvious there. It is using 1.0.4.

      This performance issue is reproducible 100% of the time running the fruitpop followed by fruitload tests on the AWS SSD box.

        1. fload mmap clean.png
          fload mmap clean.png
          70 kB
        2. fload nocomp.png
          fload nocomp.png
          70 kB
        3. fload nommap clean.png
          fload nommap clean.png
          64 kB
        4. fpop mmap clean.png
          fpop mmap clean.png
          53 kB
        5. fpop nocomp.png
          fpop nocomp.png
          55 kB
        6. fpop nommap clean.png
          fpop nommap clean.png
          57 kB
        7. test1 jan10.png
          test1 jan10.png
          62 kB
        8. test1 jan16 d7e4.png
          test1 jan16 d7e4.png
          61 kB

            sue.loverso@mongodb.com Susan LoVerso
            sue.loverso@mongodb.com Susan LoVerso
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