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Fix test/format problems where the wrong type of value was used to turn a configuration value off

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    • WT10.0.1, 5.2.0, 5.0.5
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      etienne.petrel writes:

      Another potential fix related to the recent test/format changes:
      We have had two issues related to compatibility-test-for-newer-releases on Compatibility tests, see here and here.
      The error is:

      t: FAILED: t: btree.prefix_len=off: illegal numeric value or value out of range: Invalid argument

      Seems that the off value is not correctly interpreted for btree.prefix_len. I had a quick look at config_def.c and I believe we are missing the C_BOOL variable if we want off to be correctly interpreted. However, if we do this, it means we could do btree.prefix_len=on and things would work while... it might not make sense.
      Instead we may want to edit the BC_CHECK macro here so it sets the btree.prefix_len to 0 instead of off when it needs to be disabled.

            keith.bostic@mongodb.com Keith Bostic (Inactive)
            keith.bostic@mongodb.com Keith Bostic (Inactive)
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