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Fix the search in history store insert to check key order

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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • WT11.0.0, 6.1.0-rc0
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    • Storage - Ra 2022-04-04, Storage - Ra 2022-04-18
    • v5.0

      recovery-stress-test-1 failed on ~ Ubuntu 18.04 zSeries

      Host: ubuntu1804-z-4.dallasisv.build.10gen.cc
      Project: WiredTiger (mongodb-4.4)
      Commit: diff: WT-8395 Allow clean shutdown upgrade only from version 10.0.0 (#7239) (#7271)

      WiredTiger version 10.0.0 can possibly write inconsistent data to disk on a checkpoint. To fix the
      inconsistent data, WiredTiger started saving a checkpoint snapshot to fix this problem to fix it upon restart.
      In version 10.0.0, a stale version of the checkpoint snapshot is saved and it is corrected in version 10.0.1.
      Using the stale version of the checkpoint snapshot can lead to data corruption issues. To avoid data corruption
      issues, allow unclean shutdown upgrade from only 10.0.1 onwards and error out upgrading the version
      on an unclean shutdown from the 10.0.0 version.

      (cherry picked from commit 868741b596668cf0000f1b659b2eeb331a1def53)

      Co-authored-by: Hari Babu Kommi <haribabu.kommi@mongodb.com> | 07 Dec 21 03:30 UTC
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