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Update the backup documentation and test_backup14.py



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      In the document http://source.wiredtiger.com/develop/backup.html we state:

      Bulk loads are not commit-level durable, that is, the creation and bulk-load of an object will not appear in the database log files. For this reason, applications doing incremental backups after a full backup should repeat the full backup step after doing a bulk load to make the bulk load durable. In addition, incremental backups after a bulk load (without an intervening full backup) can cause recovery to report errors because there are log records that apply to data files which do not appear in the backup.

      However this text is copied verbatim from the old log-based incremental backup documentation. The text refers to log records and seems to only really apply to log-based incremental backup.

      MongoDB uses bulk load to create indexes.

      This ticket would be to:

      1. Write a test for block-based incremental backup and bulk loading a new table to understand if this is an issue.
      2. If block-based incremental works with bulk load without an intervening full backup, then update the documentation.
      3. If block-based increment does not work with bulk load, change the text to be clearer about this from the block-based perspective.




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