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Support building WT C++ based tests on Windows

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      WiredTiger has a range of tests. Some are written in Python, some are written in C and some are written in C+. This ticket will modify the CMake configuration so that (at least some) C+ based tests can be compiled and run on Windows.

      C++ based tests include:

      Currently, there are a subset of tests that are only run when the WT_POSIX flag is set in CMake. This flag is not set in Windows. As cppsuite and unittest are only built if WT_POSIX is set, they are not built and executed on Windows.

      Moving cppsuite and unittest so that they are outside the WT_POSIX guard generates a number of compile errors. Initially they are caused by the /TC flag which is forcibly compiling all C++ files as C. Removing that flag causes weird error messages when #including WT C headers in C++ files.

      This ticket will make changes so that cppsuite and unittest can be built and run on Windows.

      Note, it may be the case that some of cppsuite or unittest cannot be executed on Windows. If this is the case, then as much of the tests as practical will be got running, and the rest will be left out using CMake if guards.

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