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Possible race condition in __capacity_config

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      This came out of WT-8880. The fields in conn->capacity could be read by another thread at any time, which is possibly an issue if we're in the middle of __capacity_config and we're halfway through setting various fields.

      To be clear, I'm not sure this is guaranteed to be a problem - it might be that a torn write to the various capacities/thresholds is OK because they're used in a certain way (e.g. only on startup). That said, these three lines seem a bit suspect:

      cap->threshold = ((cap->ckpt + cap->evict + cap->log) / 100) * WT_CAPACITY_PCT;
      if (cap->threshold < WT_CAPACITY_MIN_THRESHOLD)
          cap->threshold = WT_CAPACITY_MIN_THRESHOLD;

      The scope of the ticket is to (1) identify whether this is a real problem and (2) fix it.

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