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Add missing conflict check in fixed-length-column-store

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    • Storage Engines - 2022-08-08

      One of my stress runs on the mirror branch hit a mismatch bug. Using that specific CONFIG I've been able to reproduce it twice in under 100 iterations.

      You must use the wt-8372-mirror-format-objects branch (unless it has been merged by the time someone looks at this) to use the CONFIG.
      The error:

      mirror: 518719/518719 mismatch: table:T00001: {0000518719.00/opqrstuvwxyzabcdefg}/{0000518719/wMNOPQRSTU} [0x7], file:F00002: {#}/{0}

      The base table is a row-store and the 2nd mirrored table is FLCS. The first 4 (of 9) tables are mirrors.

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