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Fix "Uncommitted deletions cannot be written out" assertion failure

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      This test hit the following assertion failure during a format run on arm64:

      [1662704514:708603][103849:0xffff91d52100], t, file:T00003.wt: [WT_VERB_DEFAULT][ERROR]: __rec_child_deleted, 80: Assertion 'page_del->committed' failed: Uncommitted deletions cannot be written out

      This matches the failure signature in WT-9806 and WT-9713, both of which were closed as duplicates. I think the duplicate is WT-9720, which tried to address this as part of a cleanup of the fast-truncate code:

      Set page_del->committed when committing a truncation affecting an already-instantiated page. (This was already correct for prepare and abort.) I believe this to be the fix for WT-9713; I saw the problem in this branch and fixed it, but figured it had only become an issue because of the other cleanup.

      But this failure happened after WT-9720, so apparently this is a different issue, or that change didn't fully address the underlying problem.


      format-stress-test-1 on ubuntu2004-stress-tests-arm64

      Host: i-03c088f2547274bf9
      Project: wiredtiger
      Commit: 5d5e6c93

      Task Logs:

      format-stress-test-1 task_log


      Verbose Error message
          [1662704514:708603][103849:0xffff91d52100], t, file:T00003.wt: [WT_VERB_DEFAULT][ERROR]: __rec_child_deleted, 80: Assertion 'page_del->committed' failed: Uncommitted deletions cannot be written out
          [1662704514:708642][103849:0xffff91d52100], t, file:T00003.wt: [WT_VERB_DEFAULT][ERROR]: __wt_abort, 28: aborting WiredTiger library
      Link: https://evergreen.mongodb.com/task_log_raw/wiredtiger_ubuntu2004_stress_tests_arm64_format_stress_test_1_5d5e6c936b4325283c510597068c329ba0d299b3_22_09_09_03_10_08/0?type=T#L1103


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