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Make compatibility_test_for_release.sh more flexible

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    • WT11.1.0, 6.2.0-rc0
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    • Storage Engines - 2022-10-03

      Make compatibility_test_for_release.sh more flexible, so that it can test code on specific branches and commits.

      Currently, the compatibility_test_for_release.sh clones specific branches (develop, mongodb-6.1, mongodb-6.0, mongodb-5.0, and mongodb-4.4) from the WiredTiger git repository. This means that it isn't currently feasible to:

      • run the script locally, or run PR or patch tests on code that is not already merged to one of those branches. This makes development and testing of changes that effect the compatibility tests challenging.
      • 'lock' the versions of code used for testing (eg if someone merges a change to mongodb-6.0 then that change will be pulled into the testing).

      This ticket will add support for:

      • providing alternative branch/commit hashes to be pulled for testing
      • testing of changes to related code within a patch build



      • Does this affect any team outside of WT?
        No, it's about improving WT testing
      • Is this issue urgent?
        Yes, as it's hard to test the solution to WT-9795 without this change.

      Acceptance Criteria (Definition of Done)

      • Testing
        Ensure that the various testing scenarios described above work effectively.
      • Documentation update


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