Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.3 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-358] - Inconsistent handling of safe=False
  • [PYTHON-370] - pymongo bson segfault
  • [PYTHON-371] - Safe write acknowledgement (getLastError) fails on MongoDB 2.1.x when authentication is enabled.
  • [PYTHON-373] - Numerous tests fail when run against mongos
  • [PYTHON-374] - PyMongo doesn't properly handle some error objects from mongos
  • [PYTHON-375] - Pool tests fail against mongos due to use of db.eval()
  • [PYTHON-380] - _dict_to_bson interface differs between Python and C implementation

New Feature

  • [PYTHON-366] - Aggregation helper.
  • [PYTHON-367] - Support new read preferences and tagged sets.
  • [PYTHON-368] - mongos high availability and failover



  • [PYTHON-214] - PyMongo should replace self.__nodes with the host list returned by 'ismaster'.
  • [PYTHON-330] - Tiny optimization in find()
  • [PYTHON-339] - Ability to execute database commands on an ARBITER
  • [PYTHON-351] - Python Driver uses list.pop() unnecessarily
  • [PYTHON-360] - There is not a isValid(object_id) method
  • [PYTHON-362] - Provide json helper for Binary and Code types
  • [PYTHON-382] - Add check_keys param to save
  • [PYTHON-387] - Support Java and C# legacy byte orders for UUIDs
  • [PYTHON-388] - Support authentication in ReplicaSetConnection during failover.
  • [PYTHON-389] - Work around pure python integer overflow bug in python 2.5 shipped with OSX Mountain Lion
  • [PYTHON-393] - Improve output for C extension build failures to include hints for Windows and OSX.
  • [PYTHON-394] - The `ttl` keyword of create_index and ensure_index is massively confusing with the new TTL indexes.

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