Release Notes - Python Driver - Version 2.5 - HTML format


  • [PYTHON-464] - PyMongo should disallow multiple authentications to the same database in a single client instance.
  • [PYTHON-474] - Write concern not honored on collection
  • [PYTHON-475] - test_write_concern does not respect DB_PORT
  • [PYTHON-478] - Error message is wrong in MongoReplicaSetConnection when SSL fails due to hostname mismatch
  • [PYTHON-485] - Read Preference / Tag Set Not Supported in MongoClient
  • [PYTHON-486] - pymongo cannot access collection named 'connection'

New Feature


  • [PYTHON-451] - Update PyMongo tests for MongoClient
  • [PYTHON-452] - Finish updating docs for MongoClient


  • [PYTHON-431] - Unpin member when read preference changes
  • [PYTHON-468] - Add HASHED and GEOSPHERE index constants
  • [PYTHON-492] - Add accessibility of lastErrorObject to find_and_modify()

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