Release Notes - PHP Driver: Library - Version 1.6.0 - HTML format


  • [PHPLIB-432] - Replica set CI build fails due to freeing invalid pointer on shutdown


  • [PHPLIB-504] - Support Client-side Field Level Encryption (FLE)

New Feature

  • [PHPLIB-491] - Support ability to pass hint to update
  • [PHPLIB-510] - Implement spec test runner for FLE
  • [PHPLIB-511] - Handle autoEncryptionOpts in MongoDB\Client
  • [PHPLIB-512] - Expose clientEncryption API in MongoDB\Client


  • [PHPLIB-461] - Fix ChangeStream tests on sharded clusters
  • [PHPLIB-477] - Deprecate CodeWScope for use within the mapReduce command
  • [PHPLIB-480] - Deprecate out.sharded and out.nonAtomic arguments to mapReduce
  • [PHPLIB-492] - Create language specific copy/pasteable FLE tutorials
  • [PHPLIB-502] - Specify effect of client-side errors on in-progress transactions
  • [PHPLIB-517] - Update FLE documentation for community version demonstrating explicit encryption/decryption
  • [PHPLIB-519] - Allow testing against development driver versions
  • [PHPLIB-521] - Deprecate obsolete driver options


  • [PHPLIB-490] - Connections survive primary stepdown tests should always test for a successful insert

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